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Yard clean-up is a necessity for keeping your property well maintained – especially in the spring and fall seasons. Spring air signals the time to clear the yard of downed sticks and branches left by winter storms. Summer gives way to fall dropping a blanket of auburn leaves on the lawn requiring hours of raking and blowing. Troy-Bilt is here to help. They have lawn tools designed specifically to help you clean up your yard faster and easier.

Chipper Shredders

Chipper shredders make disposing of sticks and branches a cinch. 2 hardened chromium steel chipper knives chip branches from up to 2- to 3-inches in diameter. Twigs, small sticks, and leaves are dropped into the large steel hopper and shredded into useful mulch or compost. The chipper shredders have a 10:1 debris reduction ratio. Engine options from Briggs & Stratton and Troy-Bilt range from 205cc to 250cc. A collection bag with 5-bushel capacity contains chipping/shredding debris for easy use or disposal.

Chipper Shredder Vacuums

The chipper shredder vacuums suck up leaves and other yard debris while rolling across the lawn much like a walk-behind mower. Several models also have a removable hose that can reach beneath shrubbery and other hard-to-reach places to vacuum leaves. Adjustable vacuum height and self-propelled drive are options available on some models. Chipper intakes have a 1.5-inch capacity on most models with the CSV 206 model having a 3-inch intake capacity. The chipper shredder vacuums are outfitted with engines from Briggs & Stratton and Troy-Bilt from 159cc and 205cc.

See how Troy-Bilt can help you with your yard chores. OEM Troy-Bilt replacement parts are readily available at TroyBiltParts@Shanks Get back to the job quickly by finding your parts with our online search tool. Genuine Troy-Bilt Parts guarantee maximum performance and durability.

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