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Troy-Bilt Flex Mower Attachment

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One of the most popular attachments for the Troy-Bilt Flex system is the company's wide-area mower. It’s designed to be the perfect blend of commercial size and residential convenience. The mower can be easily attached to the Flex base, giving it access to robust horsepower that drives its precise cutting blades and provides for a 3-in-1 cutting experience that is on par with virtually all competing, conventional push mowers currently on the market. There are some unique highlights for this mower that will make it particularly compelling to homeowners and some commercial landscapers.

A Relatively Large Cutting Path

When most people think of a push mower, they think of a narrow cutting deck that doesn't work very well for larger lawns. That's not a problem with the Flex Wide-Area Mower, however. This model comes with an impressive cutting base that measures 28 inches in overall width, allowing a wide cutting path that will actually reduce the time it takes to mow the lawn when compared with many conventional push models. In addition to its wide design, the cutting deck can be adjusted up or down to control the height of the grass while mowing. A minimum height of one inch will create a turf-like lawn, while a maximum height of four inches will produce longer blades of grass when and where it's needed.

Professional-Looking Results

The cutting blades housed within the 28-inch cutting deck are designed to create a professional aesthetic each and every time. The mower's twin-blade cutting system passes over each blade of grass with precision, and it can even be used to create a striking "stripe" pattern in the grass that will dramatically enhance the home's curb appeal immediately after mowing. In addition to precise cutting capabilities, the blades are compatible with the 3-in-1 philosophy of the mower, allowing for side discharge, mulching, or bagging, according to each operator's unique needs.

A Compact Addition to the Flex System Lineup

The Flex Wide-Area Mower, designed for use primarily in residential environments, was thoughtfully crafted for easy storage in garages and tool sheds. The mower attachment weighs just 141 pounds, which is actually pretty light for a cutting deck of this size. The equipment has a 2.43-cubic-foot grass storage bag, measures just over 32 inches wide, and comes with six deck adjustments for mowing and proper storage of the blades. Front and rear caster wheels make it easier to maneuver the mower, whether it's cutting the grass or being carefully moved into storage at the end of the summer season.

Troy-Bilt Flex Mower Parts

Despite the durable craftsmanship of the Troy-Bilt Flex Mower attachment, it will still require routine maintenance and repair. Equipment owners can easily extend the life of their tools if they follow the proper maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer. When the time comes to replace those dull mower blades or clogged filters, there’s no easier way to lookup Troy-Bilt Flex Mower parts, than the online parts lookup tool at TroyBiltPartsOnline. Users can quickly search and order the parts they need within the comforts of their own home, 24-7.

Troy-Bilt Flex Parts at TroyBiltPartsOnline

TroyBiltPartsOnline is the go to supplier for all Troy-Bilt Flex system attachments and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. With over 30 years of experience in the Outdoor Power Industry, TroyBiltPartsOnline is dedicated to service, selection, and satisfaction. Their huge inventory of Troy-Bilt OEM parts will make it quick and easy to replace that spindle assembly or drive pulley when your Flex Mower needs maintenance