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Troy Bilt Flex System Parts

Troy-Bilt Flex Systemtroy bilt flex system parts


When it comes to maintaining the lawn and performing basic landscaping tasks, most homeowners and commercial professionals rely on a large number of separate tools. From leaf blowers to trimmers and mowers, each piece of equipment is largely separate from the others. This inefficiency can cost time and money, but the Troy-Bilt Flex system was designed specifically to function as an innovative alternative to this common scenario. Instead of selling completely separate pieces of equipment for each need, the Flex system focuses on selling a central engine system that is compatible with a broad array of add-ons. Buyers can pair the central Flex system engine with a large number of attachments throughout the year, minimizing their costs and maximizing both their versatility and the flawless appearance of their outdoor areas.

The system starts with the central Flex System unit, which comes with a powerful engine to blow leaves, throw snow, or perform other common outdoor tasks. Because this one central unit can be used to power so many attachments, it represents a significantly better value for the average consumer than purchasing separate tools, with their own engines, for each job.

The system can be quickly paired with four total attachments. The first is a traditional wide-area mower, with an expansive cutting deck designed to get the job done quickly throughout the summer. When fall leaves make their way to the ground, operators can remove the wide-area mower attachment and replace it with a commercial-strength blower. When the time comes to clean up decks, paved areas, or even a home's siding or brick materials, the Flex attaches to a power washer that will make quick work of the job. The Troy-Bilt Flex system is a great value throughout the winter months as well. When winter storms take the place of routine mowing, Flex owners can purchase a snow thrower attachment that will quickly clear driveways and sidewalks.

In addition to the four existing attachments for Troy-Bilt's unique Flex system, the company is hard at work on two additional attachments that will be released in the months ahead. These attachments, which include the Flex Log Splitter and the Flex Water Pump, will further enhance the versatility and great value that the Flex attachment system offers to homeowners and commercial landscapers. The continual development of new attachments for the Troy-Bilt Flex system shows that the company is committed to maximizing its utility, value, and versatility over the long-term.

Troy-Bilt Flex Parts

Whether it's a new add-on for the Flex system or the replacement parts needed to keep each attachment in great shape over the long-term, our parts search tool makes it easy to find the perfect match. Using our parts search tool, Troy-Bilt Flex equipment owners can search for attachments based on their model number, or they can look for OEM replacement parts by using the Troy-Bilt specific part number or the engine model housed within their Flex system. This unique tool makes it easy to order perfectly compatible, highly durable Troy-Bilt parts throughout the year.